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SFIS, Swedish Association of Information Specialists (previously known under the acronym TLS) is an organization for information management professionals. Founded in 1936, in due response to mounting needs for the provisioning of subject matter knowledge for education, research and development, predominantly within the sector of engineering enterprises.

Our members today work in both the private and public sectors, at universities, in government agencies, law firms, information content providers, manufacturing industries, both large conglomerates as well as in small and medium size companies.

SFIS aims to advance the professional skills of our members in the art of information management, enabling them to better attain the objectives of their organizations.

SFIS offers

  • A network of professional colleagues from all over Sweden
  • Best practice methodology
  • Seminars and conferences
  • General monitoring of new and trends in the information industry
    and advent of new products.

The associations operates mostly on the local level and nationally.
However, as our founders we are today also very much open towards interacting with the wider international arena.